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My Honda CBR 250 RR 1991 [MC 22 - L]
also known as "Smokey"

First Day
Stickers stripped off
Stripped for painting
Stripped for painting Back together I hate Arrowmax tyres Custom top

On can stamp Collector and Can Collector
Inside the Can

Brake lines and C.A.I.
Fairings back on
Lowside result
Fork setting
Modded fork settings
New BT090

Still in wax
Same  BT090
Front Scrubbed In
Rear Scrubbed In
Apart Again
My Old Holdens
Replacing the Driveline

Front sprocket before
Front sprocket after
Chain slider
Cleaned up
Lowered forks
Nose job
Almost done

Fuel/Air Meter Internals
Fuel/Air Meter Internals Fuel/Air Meter Done
Rebuilt Forks
Faux Carbon Tank
Faux Carbon Tank again
Twofifty.cc Rideout

RAM Air Ghettosmoke
RAM Air Setup
Balance Piping
Clear Intake Hosing LHS
Clear Intake Hosing RHS

RAM Air Complete
RAM Air Intake View
NSR 250 Swingarm
Comparison View

Left Fairing Repainted
Top Fairing
Right Fairing
Single Seat Tail
Top Fairing
Tail Light Openings

Track Day Photos