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My exhaust was custom built by Peter Gray, owner and proprietor of Pipemasters here in Brisbane. I wanted a performance system not a noisemaker, like so many other aftermarket CBR cans. I contacted Peter and asked him to build me a high flow 4-2-1 race setup. Turns out he used to race in a clubman lite category when he was younger and had a very good design which he had race tested and proven. Basically its a slip together system, comprising of three sections.

First, a set of CBR 250R [MC17] headers solely due to them being a larger inner diameter than the RR [MC22] headers.

Next is the custom collector. This is the main benefit as it removes a deliberate restriction that Honda designed into this motorcycle. Instead of taking the exhaust flow and cramming it into a 4 into 1 collector running undersized pipes, this system runs higher volume pipes so that the exhaust never has to slow down on its way out.

Finally, the can. I specifically asked that the end-can keep the exhaust under the 98dB legal noise limit but it turns out that the system actually runs under that dB limit anyway so the end-can is a straighthrough stainless pipe basically.

The power gain is noticeable but i have yet to get to a dyno to see actual results. The system also sounds rather good especially when engine braking and under full power, not annoying and ear piercingly loud like the Yoshimura or the Roo Racing pipes.

UPDATE: I have had a bung installed into the collector so that my Fuel/Air meter can function.