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Project Version: V2.0
Status: Failed

After thinking I had solved the problem of pressurisation, I tried to come up with a method to pressurise the float bowls. I was originally thinking of fabricating a whole custom airbox to surround the carbs but after some brainstorming with my friend Daniel, we agreed that the best bet would be to run the float bowl  breathers into the airbox. Cheap and simple.

We disagreed on just how we were going to go about this and this led to Daniel attempting V2.0. He routed not only the float bowl breathers but also the sub air filter hose into the airbox by merely drilling 3 holes and piping straight up. He contacted me telling me that it didn't work at all and the whole rev range was ruined.

I looked at how the carbs work and we made the assumption that the sub air filter was recieving too much air and preventing the slides from opening.