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Project Version: V1.0
Status: Failed

I started this project alone but along the way i have recieved the help and support of a few people, mostly my friend Daniel [Fatty] who was there to bounce ideas off and who was also doing his own testing but along different designs.

This was the first attempt and demonstrated my limited knowledge of carburettor theory. All i did was run hosing into the airbox and sealed it all up. The bike ran but as soon as I reached speeds of 150kph the mix leaned out and the bike stopped making power. I started researching RAM-Air and
I thought i had found the problem. As the pressure builds in the airbox the extra pressure throws the balance out between float bowls and the venturi causing a lack of adequate fuelling.

But in hindsight it turns out that it was a combination of inadequately sized main jets coupled with the pressurisation at speed.