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This was i think the best mod i did early on. The CBR 250 RR came to Australia with a 52 tooth rear sprocket on the back wheel. I replaced this with a 54 tooth to increase the torque transmission to the rear wheel. Most people have said "But going up teeth on the rear sprocket decreases your top speed." I have found that the opposite happened because the power from the engine is more easily passed to the rear wheel and instead of struggling to reach 16000rpm in 6th gear, she easily gets past 16000rpm and still wants to accelerate.

Another thing I have to mention, the speedo is far from accurate. With stock gearing, the speedo wil be out by about +/- 5%. Now that i have changed gearing my speedo will be out by a lot more. The only way to get accurate readings is from a dyno or a handheld GPS.

The new sprocket also makes wheelies SOOOOOO much easier. Not little baby ones either. I will make a "How to" video soon with the help of my friend Drew...