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Use some sort of container that you can put some 2-stroke oil in so you can soak the filter. I found that cutting the bottom off an oil container and using that works fine. Once the filter is clearly soaked and fully saturated, you need to make sure that you get most of the oil out. The best and easiest way is to fold the filter in half then squeeze the foam so oil comes out and drips down. If you do it correctly the oil will drip down to a lower section of filter and then you can squeeze it lower and lower till you get the filter not dry but only slightly tacky with oil. If you do not get most of the oil out, the suction of the motor WILL and it will draw oil into the carbie air circuits. This will cause the bike to seem like it is running rich as hell all the way through RPM range and sound like a lawn mower. Plus you will blow mass smoke. Not cool and can be easily avoided by making sure the filter is not over oiled. Just remember to oil it regularly.