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Usually, the best place to have your intake is at the furthermost forward point of your vehicle, in this instance the two air vents either side of the top fairing are the best options. First I removed all the air guides as they are useless as tits on a bull in my opinion. Next, I cut the two small plastic bottles to fit wide end first into the air vents. Bottles with a tapered top work best. One thing to make sure of is that your hose will fit onto the top of the bottle also. Now comes the hard part, this may discourage some people. You need to cut a slot into your airbox upper. All I did was cut the snout off, widen the hole and run the hoses under the tank. Having the hoses running here meant I had to raise the tank and perform some minor panelbeating of the tank. I connected the hoses to the top fairing and that completed the Intake