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This page will detail the process to fit NSR250R SE [MC21] adjustable forks onto the CBR250 RR [MC22].

Due to a lovely design feature of most 80's to late 90's Honda motorcycles sharing lots of parts, the front suspension between most Honda sports bikes are compatible as they use an identical head stock. Meaning you could theoretically swap any front end onto any bike with little or no modifications. I chose to use the NSR front as it was fully adjustable, and through my contacts very very cheap.

The basic benefits for this front end over stock are as follows;
41mm fork tubes [compared to 38mm stock]
Adjustable preload and compression
4 Pot Nissin calipers

As soon as you fit them to the MC22 you will immediately realise that the steering stops are in the way, not permitting you to steer the bike at all. These must be ground down and new ones must be fitted further forward.

The good thing is the NSR uses the same front wheel and discs as the CBR so there is no need to go looking for another front wheel.

I also looked into purchasing a decent quality fork brace to further improve feel from the front end of the bike but I found that the MC19 OEM fork brace can be modified and convinced to fit into place under the front mud guard.

I have yet to finish this front end modification but once i get some more spare time to begin some of the modification and fabrication process i will update this page...