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First things first, I loosened the 17mm hex fork caps to make them easier to undo when the front is in the air. Next I raised the front of the bike so that no weight was on the forks at all, finished removing the fork caps and then placed them aside to be cleaned. I then drained the the old oil out of forks by undoing the small 10mm bolt at the bottom of the fork legs. It appeared to have never been changed since the bike rolled off the factory line. It was filthy and stank and took a while. I removed the large hollow spacer from inside the fork tubes and placed them next to the fork caps. Now i grabbed my trusty spring remover tool [read: coathanger] and fished the springs and washers out. There is no need to replace the spacers or the washers but you need to measure the springs relaxed length to make sure they aren't less than 247mm long. If they are, they need replacing, mine however were still in very good condition. One thing to remember is that the fork spring is a variable rate spring so when you remove the spring make sure you remember to replace it with the tapered side down. Another tip is to lay out the springs, washers, spacers and caps in the order they came out so as to ensure it all goes together right.

The first thing to do on assembly is to now lower the front wheel to full travel. Next you fill the fork tubes up to 80mm from the top. I was going to replace the 10W oil with 15W, because it would harden my suspension but i decided not to, instead i used the 10W as specified. However i did add some preload to the spring by using the age-old coin trick. All you do is lift the front of the bike so there is no weight applied to the forks, i used my winch and a open the top fork caps and add 20c pieces [one per side] till you get the desired preload effect. For a fairly light person like myself [65kg], 3 coins makes the rebound noticeably quicker. For a heavier person you might want to try more. I also raised the forks in the triple clamps slightly to drop the front end.

Have now taken her to the track and the work has been well worth it. The front end feels fantastic, the rebound is set perfectly for me and the new oil makes the travel feel a lot smoother. I will be trying 15W next time I go to the track to see what difference it will make.

UPDATE: Blew a fork seal so after I replaced them I used 15W oil, 80c per side and dropped the triple clamp further. Now the front is almost perfect.