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This mod required the help of a friend who knows a bit more about disassembling the bike than I do. It involved the removal of the cam shafts and the cam gear train in order to remove the scissor gears from them. The scissor gears put a preload on the whole train in order to quieten the system down and in doing so tax the engine of some power. Seeing as the CBR only has 40 HP at the wheel at the best of times I decided to remove this preload.

First things first, I removed the radiator so that I could then remove the tappet cover in order to be able to remove the cams. This is where i needed help. Taking the cams out is an involved process as you need to remove all the bolts that hold them in all evenly. So my friend Alex did that for me. He also gave me a cam gear train that has already had the scissor gear removed to save on time and effort. While we had the bike apart I took the liberty of removing the sump breather hose from between the airbox and tappet cover, ducting it to the rest of the drain hoses.

Now that the scissor gears were all removed I let Alex replace the cams [same process going back in] so I couldn't break them. I reassembled the bike and have yet to take her for a test ride.

UPDATE: The bike has been running for a few months now without the scissor gears and i find that the RPMs climb a lot quicker up near the top end of the range. Also it is noisy and rattly at idle but the noise is less noticeable when the engine is at operating RPMs.

Stay tuned!