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Well, this page is going to tell a long story. A story that will make you cringe at least once. It is the tale of how my right femur [thigh bone] came to be snapped in two.

It was early 2002, I had nearly completed my 1st year in an Infantry Battalion, 6 RAR to be precise. The whole unit was to deploy on CHOGM and we had just finished all the lead up training. We knocked off early the afternoon before we left and I decided to do some video game shopping and to pick up some games from a friend's house. Still in uniform, i grabbed my keys and helmet and jumped on the bike. I decided to go straight to the friends house first so I headed to the M1 going southbound.

As I approached the Logan Rd exit I pulled in behind a dark coloured small car and followed it off the freeway. I soon noticed that the car I was behind was going to exactly the same place as me, all the way to Barcelona St. I distinctly remember laughing to myself about this. To get into Barcelona St, you have to negotiate a chicane-like T intersection and because I was following a slow car I took it casually and once I entered the street I maintained the speed limit. I was actually being a good boy for a change as I did not want to get in any trouble with the cops the night before I deploy.

As we both made our way up the street I noticed the driver began to brake and pull to the left. From seeing this I assumed the driver was pulling to the left but had forgotten to turn on their indicator. I then turned on my right indicator and moved across to the other side of the road and all I could remember was seeing movement to my left and all of a sudden I was staring at the sky. I was rather confused.

What had happened was the lead vehicle had decided to turn into her driveway but for some reason had decided that she needed to feint-steer left to turn right. As I passed her she had swung around and slammed her front right hand bumper into my left knee crushing it against my tank, the impact threw my upper body so that my left elbow dented her bonnet pretty bad. She must have noticed the motorcyclist on her bonnet but that didn't stop her from driving my bike across the road and into a gutter. The wheels hit the curb, flipping it up and over my head and flinging me thigh first into a tree.

Now this is where the story gets bad. I've got an eyeful of sky, a mind full of "what the fuck??" and my heart was racing. I racked my brains, "How did I get here? What was that loud smash noise? I hope my bike is OK!" so I looked. I carefully looked around for my bike, expecting it to be in a thousand small pieces. There it was, upside down, idling on the grass slowly leaking fuel. And in one piece. "Thank FUCK!!" I thought, until I realised that loud noise of something being destroyed had to come from somewhere. That's when I thought i had broken my back. So I looked down, wiggled my toes and looked at my feet. I could see my left foot wiggling like crazy but could not see my right foot. "Great. I've lost a leg. FUCK!" I lifted myself on my elbows to try and see where my foot was only to feel something move on my chest/stomach.

It was my boot.

More to come!